Health Education Certification Vocational Schools

Health education certificates allow practitioners to design, implement and assess health care activities that can improve the health and wellbeing of their clients, and to teach others in their field of study.

To become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), one must meet the standard of competence established by The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, as well as successfully complete a CHES examination. Professional certifications indicate proficiency and competence, and health education certificates are often sought by working professionals for continued educational development.

Many occupations in the health care industry require or prefer applicants to hold a health education certificate or a degree in Health Sciences; they can significantly increase the expected salary range of any health care practitioner. With appropriate health care education, professionals are permitted to work in community health centers, schools, colleges, businesses, governmental agencies, hospitals, private practices, and other health care facilities. Individuals who possess a health education certificate may seek a career in a wide range of positions, such as health organizer, teacher, health program manager, patient educator, prevention specialist, nutritionist, trainer, and numerous others.

To learn more about Health Education Certificates [] and Health Education Certificate Schools, or even Online Health Education Certificates, feel free to search the many options found onsite and take the first step towards a new, health care career!

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